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Ubu Roi

By his green candle, he will be the king.

Alfred Jarry’s infamous 1896 comedy Ubu Roi follows the ridiculous rise and fall of Père Ubu in his greedy struggle to conquer other nations by use of violence and sheer dumb luck. The play is a zany warning against the powers of an ever-hungry despot, a warning which seems ever more pressing in our modern world.

Content Warning: This production contains material of a sexual nature, depictions of violence, depictions of drug use, loud noises, flashing lights, atmospherics and latex.

Ubu Roi
by Alfred Jarry
Translated by Barbara Wright
Timms Centre for the Arts
December 1-10, 2022
Preview: December 1, 2022
Opening: December 2, 2022
Matinee: December 8, 2022
No performance: Sunday December 4, 2022
Evening performances start at 7:30pm
Matinee performance starts at 12:30pm

Ticket Prices:

Preview: Adult/Senior $10, Student $5
*Opening Night: Adult $28, Senior $25, Student $15
*Enjoy a post show reception with your Opening Night ticket

Evenings: Adult $27, Senior $24, Student $14 
Thursday Matinee: Adult $23, Senior $20, Student $14
1/2 Price Mondays: Adult $13.50, Senior $12, Student $7

In Person Box Office Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am - 2pm AND 1 hour before performances.

Panel Discussion:

"The Art of Everything: Saturation and Metamodernism in Ubu Roi"

Dec 6 after the performance

Please join us for a panel discussion with production dramaturgs Brandon Shalansky and Zhuohao Li, director David Woroner and designer T. Erin Gruber.


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DirectorDavid Woroner

PlaywrightAlfred Jarry

Translated byBarbara Wright

Set, Costume, Lighting & Projected Media Designer T. Erin Gruber

Sound DesignerEmma Nokes

Associate Designers Kristen Fernandes, Brock Keeler 

Stage ManagerPatton Wei

Assistant Stage Manager (Props) Kade Mazury

Assistant Stage Manager (Costumes) Curtis Gauthier

Intimacy Coordinator & Fight DirectorJanine Waddell*

Intimacy & Dance Captain — Kristin Unruh

Vocal CoachJoshua Meredith

Movement CoachMinggao Zhang

Dramaturgs Zhuohao Li, Brandon Shalansky


Mère Ubu  Lora Brovold*

Cotice, Queen Rosemonde, The Shade Karen Gomez

The Bear Daniel Halpern

Père Ubu Dave Horak*

King Venceslas, People, Noble, Magistrate, Financier, The Emperor Alexis Christian Krushel

Partisan, Conspirator/Soldier, The Whole Polish Army, People, Noble, Magistrate, Financier, Phynancial Adviser Larissah Lashley

Bougrelas, Stanislas Leczinski Emily Lizotte

Messenger, Boleslas, Laquey, Noble, Peasant, Councillor, The Phynancial Horse, A Voice, General Lascy, The Captain of the Ship Aaron Refugio

Partisan, Ladislas, Giron, Michel Fédérovitch, Nicolas Rensky, Jean Sobieski Kristin Unruh

Pile, People Alice Wordsworth

Captain Bordure Katie Yoner


Technical DirectorLarry Clark 

Assistant Technical Director — Derek Miiller

​Head of WardrobeJoanna Johnston

CutterJulie Davie

​Wardrobe CrewAspen Mendoza

Head of CarpentryDarrell Cooksey

Assistant Scenic Carpenter — Garrett DeRede

Properties MasterJane Kline

Properties Assistants — Tiffany Martineau, Lieke den Bakker, Dree Beaudry

Head of SoundKai Yakichuk 

Head of Lighting —  Dylan MacKay

Head of PaintTaylor Howell

Head Stage Carpenter —  Derek Miiller

Lighting Supervisor — Jeff Osterlin, Laura Koyata, Kevin Humphrey, Anthony Hunchak

Sound Supervisor — Matt Skopyk


Studio Theatre Artistic Coordinator David Kennedy

Interim Drama Department Chair Natalie Loveless

Stage Management Advisors John Raymond, Oliver Armstrong

Directing AdvisorBeau Coleman