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Aaron Refugio

Boleslas/The Phynancial Horse/General Lascy/Captain of the Ship

Hailing from the Philippines, Aaron Refugio (Boleslas/The Phynancial Horse/General Lascy/Captain of the Ship) is excited to share the chaos of Ubu Roi with you! In addition to his continued BFA Acting training at the U of A, his training also includes various acting and improv workshops with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, William Esper Studio, Magnet Theatre (New York City), and Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton). Acting credits include: Weasel (Studio Theatre); COWS! and Win: The Warrior (Edmonton Fringe Festival); Exploding Uncertainty and Fight Night Live (University of Alberta); Puppet Pub Crawl (FoundFestival). Writing credits include Fried Rice which he performed and debuted for Blackswan Productions’ first new works festival. He would like to thank all his international friends for continually exchanging laughs, language, and food together— Act 3 Scene 2 is for you! This April, you can see him next in The Devils at the U of A Studio Theatre. Follow him on Instagram @aaron.bryle

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