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She Kills Monsters

A tale of friendship, loss, and acceptance.

Homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, and 90s pop culture collide in this action-packed adventure into the world of fantasy role-playing games. To learn her sister’s mysterious secrets, Agnes dives into her imaginary world.

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She Kills Monsters
by Qui Nguyen
Timms Centre for the Arts
February 4 - February 12, 2022

Preview February 3, 2022
Matinee February 10, 2022
(No performance February 26)
Evening performances start at 7:30pm, Matinee performance starts at 12:30pm.

Studio Theatre will not be offering subscriptions for the 2021 – 2022 season.  Alternatively, we are offering FLEX passes. FLEX passes allow you to redeem three tickets at a discounted rate. These three tickets can be used to three different productions or all ticketed to a single production. They can be redeemed in person at the Timms Centre box office or by emailing

Single tickets and FLEX passes will be available for purchase at least two weeks prior to the first performance of each production.  We are encouraging purchases and/or donations to be made online HERE. 

Ticket Prices:

Single ticket evening : Adult $25.00, Senior $22.00, & Student $12.00

Single ticket matinee : Adult $20.00, Senior $18.00 & Student $12.00

FLEX passes: Adult/Senior $60.00 & Student $30.00 

Discounted ticket prices:

Preview: All Tickets $5.00 

Half price Mondays: Adult $12.50, and Senior $11.00 & Student $6.00 

Seating is limited. Walk up sales are cash only. There will be no refunds. 

This season the Timms Centre daytime box office hours will vary. On performance days, the box office will open one hour prior to curtain. At this time, in person box office sales will be cash only.


Our mandate is to keep everyone safe while in the Timms Centre for the Arts. We are following all current COVID-19 protocols as dictated by AHS and the University of Alberta.  Please visit THIS LINK for all up to date protocols. 

We are happy to answer questions or inquiries about tickets and our 2021-2022 season by email ( or

phone (780-492-2495).

See the Play
Director's Notes

Explore our Interview with Director Mieko Ouchi.

Thank you so much for joining us in this live performance during such a challenging time. We appreciate your support of this beautiful art form that asks audiences and artists to share storytelling space together.


Qui Nguyen’s script is a marvel to me. And one that has given me, and I think all the artists involved, a beautiful and welcome return to the sense of play that we all had as children and teens, and that we strive to return to as adults, especially in the face of something as serious as a pandemic. I hope you enjoy the rich world he has asked us to buy into and inhabit. A world full of dreams, aspirations, courage, curiosity and bravery but also violence, bullying, shame, fear and grief. A beautifully drawn balance of all the things we each try to manage. Shadow and light. Childhood and adulthood. Puppets and swords. Fantasy and real life.


And a glimpse at the road we all spend time on as we grow up.


The perilous path.


For me She Kills Monsters is the story of a person finding themselves, and their way along this passage, as they face their sorrow and loss and grief that life brings us, and find the courage to move forward.


As someone who has worked over 30+ years with one foot in Theatre For Young Audiences, one foot in adult theatre, one arm in fight shows and a second in film/TV, I feel a deep kinship with Qui. Like him, I have also worked as a screenwriter and filmmaker and I also share an inordinate love of the 90’s. As a graduate of the BFA Acting Program here at U of A in 1992, I have drawn on my own memories of being a young human, an emerging artist, the age of the students I’m working with now, in search of my path around the same time period this play lives in… 1995. This show’s soundtrack was in many ways my soundtrack. I hope you find a piece of yourself in it too. 


In the play Tilly asks of her sister Agnes:


Did you have fun? That’s the point in all this…


I hope by the end of the evening… like all of us have found… your answer will be YES!

--Mieko Ouchi


"A dramaturg is a member of the artistic team of a theatre production who is a specialist in the transformation of a dramatic script into a meaningful living performance."

(5) Michael Mark Chemers, Ghost Light: An Introductory Handbook for Dramaturgy, Southern Illinois University Press, 2010.

Qui Pic.jpg

Qui Nguyen

Learn about this award-winning playwright, TV writer, and screenwriter.


How to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Uncover how to play this popular role-playing game and how playwright Qui Nguyen makes it accessible in She Kills Monsters


The History of
Dungeons & Dragons

Learn about the history of the role-playing game that defines this action packed production.


Dungeons and Dragons as a Vehicle for Performance
and Edification

Learn about how popularity and commodification of this game have enhanced it's performance potentiality.

Mieko Ouchi 8x10 - Mieko Ouchi_edited.jpg

Interview with Mieko Ouchi, Director

Production dramaturg, Lebo Disele, had a chat with She Kills Monsters director, Mieko Ouchi. 

T Erin Gruber - T. Erin Gruber.jpg

Interview with T. Erin Gruber, Set, Props and Lighting Designer

Production dramaturg, Lebo Disele, caught up with T. Erin Gruber... 


Dig Deeper
Program Notes

On friendship…


“​​How are you sustaining friendships in the pandemic? Have you developed any meaningful new friendships in 2021?” (Brandon Wint 2020/21)


If you have watched our interviews with the director and the designer, then by now you know that the Timms Studio version of She Kills Monsters is going “analogue” (T. Erin Gruber, 2021). That seems counter-intuitive for a play that invites the use of multimedia, by a playwright who loves cinematic tropes, during a time when we have all had to call on digital media to help us keep the show(s) going. 


But, strip away the puppets, the pop-culture references and the fancy fight choreography and you will find a play about forming and maintaining relationships. After all, the lead character, Agnes, plays her deceased sister Tilly’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign to get to know her better. So, while the pandemic has brought the difficulty of staying connected to friends and family into sharp relief, She Kills Monsters has been exploring this question for the past 10 years. The play also asks us to consider which friendships are worth keeping. 


Lisa Bonos points out that the pandemic has also afforded many the opportunity to strengthen their closest friendships rather than trying to stay in touch with everyone in their circle. This has been especially important for parents who have had to think about whom to call if they get sick and need help with their kids. It’s not just parents - in the past two years we have all had to do some serious “social accounting” (Bonos) to figure out who we can take on our journey as we face wave after wave and variant after variant. 


This is in fact what happens when we play Dungeons and Dragons - we find people we can trust and be ourselves with as we take an epic adventure (Vox, 2018). Qui Nguyen says that he wrote this play as a spiritual thank you to his childhood friend, Chuck - for whom the character Chuck Biggs is named (Nguyen, 2021). But by using Dungeons and Dragons to tell this story of friendship, grief, and diversity, he has also found a metaphor to speak to the world we are experiencing ten years after he first wrote She Kills Monsters


-- Lebo Disele


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*The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy




DirectorMieko Ouchi

Set & Props DesignerT. Erin Gruber

Costume DesignerRory Turner

Lighting DesignerT. Erin Gruber

Co-Puppet DesignersRebecca Cypher, T. Erin Gruber, Rory Turner

Sound DesignerKenzie Bowes

Assistant Lighting DesignerRebecca Cypher

Assistant Set DesignerAndraya Rodrigues

Fight ChoreographerThomas Usher

Movement CoachMarie Nychka

Vocal CoachJosh Meredith

Stage ManagerElizabeth Page

Assistant Stage Managers Charlotte Braid, Jessica Haight

Production Dramaturges Lebogang Disele-Pitso, Brandon Shalansky

Directing Observer Amanda Goldberg


Shaughnessy O'Brien Agnes

Kijo Gatama Tilly/Tiamat

Emily Thorne Lilith

Abby McDougall Kaliope

Moses Kouyate — Orcus/Ronnie

Colin Bluekens Chuck/Mindflayer

Jordy Harvey Miles/Wight/Gelatinous Cube

Ben Kuchera Evil Gabbi

Emma Wilmott Evil Tina/Owlbear

Dean Winder Vera/Beholder

Dayna Hoffmann Farrah/Narrator/Fight Captain

Sam Free Steve


Technical DirectorLarry Clark 

Assistant Technical DirectorsDylan Mackay, Shella Novakovic-Apostol

​Head of WardrobeJoanna Johnston

CutterJulie Davie

Milliner/StitcherKaren Kucher

Head of CarpentryDarrell Cooksey

Scenic CarpenterBarbara Hagensen

Properties MasterJane Kline

Properties AssistantTiffany Martineau

Properties PracticumDylan Mackay

Head of SoundShella Novakovic-Apostol

Head of Lighting —  Nichole Man

Head of Scenic PaintAndraya Rodrigues

Lighting SupervisorsKevin Humphrey, Jeff Osterlin

Scenic Paint Supervisor Cindi Zuby


Dayna Hoffmann Agnes

Marissa Gell Tilly/Tiamat

Jazlynn Steinbach Lilith

Shaniah Lehmann Kaliope

David Woroner — Orcus/Ronnie

Ben Kuchera Chuck/Mindflayer

David Woroner Miles/Wight/Gelatinous Cube

Jazlynn Steinbach Evil Gabbi

Dean Winder Evil Tina/Owlbear

Emma Wilmott Vera/Beholder

Sam Free Narrator

Emma Wilmott Farrah

Tyler Herzberg Steve


Lighting Operator — Pat Sirant

Sound Operator — Isabelle Martinez

Lighting Crew Nichole Man, Derek Miiller, Amanda Yim, Phoenix MacLeod, Kevin Humphrey

Sound Crew Kenzie Bowes, Shella Novakovic-Apostol

Additional Puppet Construction Rebecca Cypher, Amanda Yim, Aryanna Slifka,TaylorHowell

Paint Crew Andraya Diogo, Derek Miiller, Ankita Yadav, Lieke Den Bakker, Taylor Howell, Faith Conner, Nyx McLeod, Yusen Wang, Aryanna Slifka, Stuart Lindsay, Skylar Veldhuis, Nichole Man, Curtis Gauthier, Kristen Fernandes, Shella Novakovic-Apostol, Alexandra Lepage


Department Chair/Artistic DirectorMelanie Dreyer-Lude 

Theatre AdministratorDavid Prestley 

Box Office CoordinatorCandice Stollery

Executive/Administrative AssistantHelen Baggaley

Marketing and CommunicationsErik Einsiedel


Stage Management  —  John Raymond

Design Advisor —  Robert Shannon

Sound Advisor —  Matthew Skopyk

Lighting AdvisorJeff Osterlin

Puppet AdvisorCindi Zuby



Cameron Bluekens

All the Understudies

Jack Thompson

She Kills Monsters is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French Inc. 



Content compiled by T. Erin Gruber and Vida Khanbabaei

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