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God of Carnage

Two couples testing the art of co-existence

Yasmina Reza's acclaimed play brings two sets of parents together to deal with the unruly behaviour of their children. But a civilized discussion quickly devolves into a childish evening of name-calling, tears and tantrums.

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God of Carnage
by Yasmina Reza
Translation by Christopher Hampton
Timms Centre for the Arts
November 26-December 4, 2021

Preview November 25, 2021
Matinee December 2, 2021
(No performance November 28)
Evening performances start at 7:30pm, Matinee performance starts at 12:30pm.

Ticket Prices:

Single ticket evening : Adult $25.00, Senior $22.00, & Student $12.00

Single ticket matinee : Adult $20.00, Senior $18.00 & Student $12.00

FLEX passes: Adult/Senior $60.00 & Student $30.00 

Discounted ticket prices:

Preview: All Tickets $5.00 

Half price Mondays: Adult $12.50, and Senior $11.00 & Student $6.00 

Seating is limited. Walk up sales are cash only. There will be no refunds. 

This season the Timms Centre daytime box office hours will vary. On performance days, the box office will open one hour prior to curtain. At this time, in person box office sales will be cash only.

Studio Theatre will not be offering subscriptions for the 2021 – 2022 season.  Alternatively, we are offering FLEX passes. FLEX passes allow you to redeem three tickets at a discounted rate. These three tickets can be used to three different productions or all ticketed to a single production. They can be redeemed in person at the Timms Centre box office or by emailing

Single tickets and FLEX passes will be available for purchase at least two weeks prior to the first performance of each production.  We are encouraging purchases and/or donations to be made online HERE. 


Our mandate is to keep everyone safe while in the Timms Centre for the Arts. We are following all current COVID-19 protocols as dictated by AHS and the University of Alberta.  Please visit THIS LINK for all up to date protocols. 

We are happy to answer questions or inquiries about tickets and our 2021-2022 season by email ( or

phone (780-492-2495).

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Director's Notes

Explore our Interview with Director Patricia Darbasie.

We are thrilled to be coming back to the theatre after the pandemic has locked us out ! And as we return, we also struggle to find ways to create a new “normal”.  Do we want to examine what things in our lives really work after a 20 month hiatus? Or do we go back to  doing, for whatever reason, things that no longer really serve us? It is an interesting time in our history as we examine ourselves and have the opportunity to possibly reboot. 


In many ways self-examination is at the heart of God of Carnage. Two couples are raising 11 year old boys; they live in similar neighbourhoods, they live busy work lives that allow them to have the comforts they enjoy and are of a similar class, age and educational background, surely they will have similar values.


But as many of us discovered during our lockdowns we have different opinions than our neighbours and we live slightly different lives in the many places we inhabit- at work, leisure and with family. These differences - these points of diversity within ourselves, were highlighted when we could not go to those places and were trapped in our homes. And the characters, like us, are surprised by what they discover about themselves when they are being pressured  to conform to others expectations; they look at each other with surprise and at times horror. Who are you? And how can you say the things I’m hearing?  Are you a different person at work than you are at home with your partner and children? And are your children different at school and at play than they are at home?  


Yasmina Reza says of the play “a living room- no realism - nothing superfluous”. That in itself seems a contradiction; living rooms seem pretty realistic and most people think the things in their living rooms are essential.  We took inspiration from the work of the artist Francis Bacon - he's mentioned in the play and his work is layered, twisted and distorted when looked at closely and somewhat normal looking when viewed from far away. We have played with this idea of the “Bacon Twist” in all elements of our work and hopefully have found a way to bridge the contradictions and complexities of the play. 


During this time of upheaval it seems like God of Carnage is the perfect play to welcome audiences back into the theatre. It gets us thinking about how we live our lives and what our values are. Art is a reflection of our experiences and this play captures that upheaval that the pandemic has brought us - that carnage. Enjoy!

--Patricia Darbasie


"A dramaturg is a member of the artistic team of a theatre production who is a specialist in the transformation of a dramatic script into a meaningful living performance."

(5) Michael Mark Chemers, Ghost Light: An Introductory Handbook for Dramaturgy, Southern Illinois University Press, 2010.


Yasmina Reza

Learn about the God of Carnage playwright.

Revewing Graphs

Uncovering Data

Uncover how questions of status, community and character can be supported with statistics.

Patricia-Darbasie-217 - Patricia Darbasie.jpg

An Interview with
Patricia Darbasie

Hear from the Director about her perspective on this production of God of Carnage.

Copy of 2021-headshot.jpg

An Interview with
Even Gilchrist

Hear from the Set, Costume and Lighting Designer about his thesis research on this production of God of Carnage.

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*The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy




DirectorPatricia Darbasie

Set DesignerEven Gilchrist

Costume DesignerEven Gilchrist

Lighting DesignerEven Gilchrist

Sound DesignerGarret de Rede

Movement CoachLéda Davies

Stage ManagerSherry Alvaro

Assistant Stage Manager Curtis Gauthier

Production Dramaturg T. Erin Gruber


Moses Kouyate Alan Raleigh

Kijo Gatama Annette Raleigh

Sam Free Michael Novak

Dayna Hoffmann Veronica Novak


Head Stage Carpenter — Derek Miiller

Sound Operator — Charlotte Braid

Lighting Operator — Skylar Veldhuis

Lighting Crew — Phoenix MacLeod, Amanda Yim, Juliana  Stephens

Paint Crew — Aryanna Slifka, Taylor Howell, Faith Conner, Yusen Wang


Technical DirectorLarry Clark 

Assistant Technical DirectorDerek Miiller

​Head of WardrobeJoanna Johnston

CutterJulie Davie

Milliner/StitcherKaren Kucher

Head of CarpentryDarrell Cooksey

Scenic CarpenterBarbara Hagensen

Properties MasterJane Kline

Properties AssistantTiffany Martineau

Head of SoundDerek Miiller

Head of Lighting —  Kenzie Bowes

Head of Scenic PaintAndraya Rodrigues

Lighting SupervisorKevin Humphrey

Scenic Paint Supervisor Cindi Zuby


Department Chair/Artistic DirectorMelanie Dreyer-Lude 

Theatre AdministratorDavid Prestley 

Box Office CoordinatorCandice Stollery

Executive/Administrative AssistantHelen Baggaley

Marketing and CommunicationsErik Einsiedel


Stage Management  —  John Raymond

Design Advisor —  Robert Shannon

Sound Advisor —  Matthew Skopyk

Lighting AdvisorJeff Osterlin


Jamie Ruszkowsk

The Citadel Theatre Props Shop



Content compiled by T. Erin Gruber and Vida Khanbabaei

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