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Troilus & Cressida

...and The Death of Patroclus and Achilles' Revenge

Troilus and Cressida is one of Shakespeare's most experimental and modern plays and his most gruelling depiction of love and war. Starting seven years into the Trojan War, Shakespeare dissects and satirizes themes of political maneuvering, the hypocrisy of honour, and the complexities (or disillusionments) of love. Exposed to the savage and corrupting influence of pride, Shakespeare portrays a world where loyalty and honour are questioned, where characters struggle to reconcile personal desires with the harsh realities of a male-dominant hierarchy, and where women are traded like playing cards (and queer people are ignored or entirely erased). Although the titular characters are central to the action, it is not the only love story struggling to survive the cruel grips of war. This production reimagines this rarely-seen play by queering (in both form and content) the classical canon, looking at multiple characters (and scenes) through a modern queer lens. This adaptation also features text from Shakespeare's original sources to highlight the relationship between Patroclus and Achilles.

Troilus & Cressida

by William Shakespeare - Adapted by Brett Dahl

Timms Centre for the Arts

FEB 8th - FEB 13th, 2024*

Preview: February 8, 2024

Matinee: February 15, 2024 

Evening performances: 7:30pm

Matinee performance: 12:30pm 


Evening performance on Thursday, February 15, will be ASL suported

*(No performance on Sunday February 11)


Single Ticket Prices: 

Adult: $28 | Senior/Alumni: $24  
tudent: $14


Half Price — Preview, Monday &
Thursday Matinee Performances:

Adult: $14 | Senior/Alumni: $12 
Student: $7

This production contains fog and dust as well as firearms and loud noises.

Special events during the run of Indecent: 

February 8: post-show Opening Night Reception 

February 15th: evening performance will be suported with ASL interpretation.


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See the Play
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Director's Note

Entering the MFA Directing program offers a rare gift—the chance to immerse oneself in a script for months on end, delving into its depths, questioning, researching, analyzing, and preparing. The opportunity grants a unique intimacy with a piece and an artist's body of work. The decision to stage Paula Vogel’s INDECENT unfolded as a spiritual journey, driven by a compelling need to tell this story. The revelation of a direct link between the University of Alberta and Sholem Asch marked the beginning of this profound experience, which then led to connecting with the playwright Paula Vogel, Michael Asch—Sholem’s grandson and a former professor at U of A - the Sound Studies Institute, The Wirth Institute of Austrian and Central European Studies, The Department of Music, Bridge & Wolak, the Edmonton Jewish Community, Rabbah Gila Caine, and our dedicated creative team. Being part of bringing this story to Alberta has been a unique privilege. Little did I anticipate the haunting significance this play would hold in this particular moment in time. INDECENT tells the story about another play, The God of Vengeance, a 1906 Yiddish drama by Polish-Jewish writer Sholem Asch, and the troupe of artists who risked their lives to perform it. This year commemorates a century since the groundbreaking Broadway debut of The God of Vengeance in New York, 1923. It also marks a hundred years since the infamous obscenity trial that followed. The echoes of this play cast an unsettling relevance in our current reality. Yet, despite a century's divide, there is still much ground to cover in our ongoing societal struggle for equality, artistic expression, and love. INDECENT is all about making art in dangerous times. The troupe's story, set in a fragile attic, echoes the delicate nature of lives and culture. Deeply touched by Asch's story of love prevailing in a world marred by obscenities, they defiantly gather to perform it. Their journey becomes a powerful exploration of a community grappling with internal conflicts and external threats. The play celebrates the power of storytelling, representing artists who risked everything for the transformative dignity of being seen. Bearing witness to their stories becomes imperative in sustaining their vitality. By telling this story today, we preserve their memory and keep their spirits alive. I am profoundly touched by the passion and inclusivity within our artistic community, as well as the warm embrace extended by both the university campus and the broader Edmonton community—it has been truly moving. My heartfelt gratitude goes to this remarkable cast and group of musicians who, night after night, breathe life into the very essence of this story. And to you, our audience, for setting aside the time to join us in person. Thank you and enjoy the show.



Rowan Andruik — Cassandra / Helen

Lily Davies — Diomedes

Jordan Empson — Aeneas

Mark Guerrero — Agamemnon

Megan Holt — Achilles

Spenser Kells — Troilus

Aidan Laudersmith — Ulysses

Alexander Mahon — Hector

Elyse Roszell — Patroclus / Antenor

Maxwell Vesely — Paris / Calchas

Ekeajia Vieira — Ajax / Helenus

Jacquelin Walters — Cressida

*Michael Watt — Pandarus / Thersities

*The participation of these Artists is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy (DOT).


**Brett Dahl — Director & Choreographer

Giulia Romano — Directing Shadow

***Kristen Fernandes — Costume, Set & Props/                                 Asst. Lighting Designer 

Robert Shannon — Lighting Designer

Amy Dass — Asst. Lighting Designer

Derek Miiller — Sound Designer

Alison Matthews — Vocal Coach

Marie Nychka — Movement Coach

Maxwell Vesely — Musical Director

Morgan Yamada/Amanda Bergen — Fight / Intimacy Directors

** This production is in fulfillment of Brett Dahl’s MFA in Directing.

*** This production is in fulfillment of Kristen Fernandes's MFA in Design.


Technical Director — Larry Clark

Asst. Technical Director — Aryanna Slifka

Head of Wardrobe — Joanna Johnston

Cutter — Julie Davie

Properties Master — Jane Kline

Props Assistant — Tiffany Martineau

Props Practicum — Isabelle Martinez

Head of Carpentry — Darrell Cooksey

Carpentry Crew — Emma Nokes

Lead Paint — Andraya Diogo

Scenic Painters — Annika Schultz, Keith Lonsberry, 

Sunny Bossert, Kennedy Burriss,Kahlan Fornara,

Emma Church, Kate Lonsberry, Kristen Fernandes

Lighting Supervisor — Laura Koyata

Head of Lighting — Vale de la Torre

Lighting Crew — Ash Ilcisin, Cecil Turner-Vesselka

Jade Foote, Kaden Boutette, Nirvana Atarodifard

Sam Anderson, Emma Nokes

Head of Sound — Matthew Skopyk, Derek Miiller


Studio Theatre Artistic Coordinator and
Drama Department Chair — April Viczko

BFA Acting Coordinator — David Ley

Directing Advisor — David Kennedy, Lin Snelling

Stage Management Advisor — John Raymond

Design Advisor — Robert Shannon

Paint Advisor — Cindi Zuby


Stage Manager — Julian Padalec

Assistant Stage Manager  — Kade Mazury, Faith Conner

Lighting Operator — Liam Weeks

Sound Operator — Elaine Qin

Backstage Crew — Sam Anderson

Dresser — Casey Irwin


Production & Operations — ADM | Joshua C. McIntosh

Venue Operations Manager — Iain Graham

Patron Services Coordinator — Candice Stollery

Production & Operations Assistant — Emily Pole

Operations Assistant — Andraya Diogo

Fine Arts Information & Outreach Coordinator — Trish Agrell-Smith



Amanda Bergen

Intimacy Director

Lily Davies

Creative Team, Diomedes

Kristen Fernandes

Creative Team, Set/Props/Costume Design, Associate Lighting Design

Aidan Laudersmith

Cast, Ulysses

Kade Mazury

Creative, ASM

Elyse Roszell

Cast, Patroclus / Antenor

Jacquelin Walters


Brett Dahl

Director, Adaptor, Choreographer

Andraya Diogo

Crew, Lead Paint

Mark Guerrero


Alexander Mahon

Cast, Hector

Julian Padalec

Crew, Stage Manager

Maxwell Vesely

Cast, Paris/Calchas. Creative Team, Music Director

Michael Watt

Cast, Pandarus/Thersites; Creative Team, Composer

Amy Dass

Creative Team, Design Assistant

Jordan Empson

Cast, Aeneas

Megan Holt


Alison Matthews

Creative Team, Voice & Text Coach

Giulia Romano

Role(s): Directing Shadow

Ekeajia Vieira


Morgan Yamada

Fight Director


Content compiled by Kristen Fernandes and Payal Jotania

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