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Eugène Ionesco’s parabolic drama 

Rhinoceros (1959) follows everyman Bérenger as his community is overrun with “rhinoceritis.” As he watches the world change around him, Bérenger must find inspiration and take control of his life. Ionesco’s breakneck masterpiece is an indictment of complacency, extremism, and mob mentality, as well as an invitation to individual action in the face of overwhelming circumstances.

by Eugène Ionesco
Translated by Martin Crimp
Timms Centre for the Arts
February 9-18, 2023
Preview: February 9, 2023
Matinee: February 16, 2023
Evening performances: 7:30pm
Matinee performance: 12:30pm
No performance on Sunday February 12.

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or phone at (780-492-2495).

In Person Box Office Hours:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am - 2pm AND one hour before performances.


Ticket Prices:

Preview: Adult/Senior $10, Student $5
*Opening Night: Adult $28, Senior $25, Student $15
*Enjoy a post show reception with your Opening Night ticket

Evenings: Adult $27, Senior $24, Student $14 
Thursday Matinee: Adult $23, Senior $20, Student $14
1/2 Price Mondays: Adult $13.50, Senior $12, Student $7


This production contains subject matter and depictions that may be offensive to some audience members. This content is explored in the excellent video interviews created by our dramaturgy team, which can be found here on the Dramaturgy: Dig Deeper site. While anti-fascist and anti-racist sentiments were crucial to the inception of Rhinoceros, it is important to acknowledge the way in which the play articulates those themes for a presumed white European audience.


For additional information about Rhinoceros, please see:


See the Play



DirectorJake Planinc

PlaywrightEugène Ionesco

TranslatorMartin Crimp

Set and Costume Designer Ankita Yadav

Lighting Designer — Robert Shannon

Lighting Design Assistant — Lieke Den Bakker

Sound DesignerJack Thompson

Stage ManagerCurtis Gauthier

Assistant Stage Manager Andraya Diogo

Assistant Stage Manager (Running) Madison Hucal

Movement CoachStacey Murchison

Vocal CoachAlison Matthews

Dramaturgs Kian Moradi, Lucy Honcharova


Daisy  Amy Bazin

Logician, Botard Rogan Coffey

Old Gentleman, DudardYassine El Fihri

Bérenger Will Gosse

Housewife, Mrs. Boeuf Larissah Lashley

Jean Patrick Lynn

Waitress, PapillonMacKenzie Sutton

Grocer Woman, A Fireman, Monsieur Jean’s Wife Alex Dawkins*

Boss of Cafe Brett Dahl*

Grocer Man, Monsieur Jean David Woroner

*The participation of these Artists is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy.


Technical DirectorLarry Clark 

Assistant Technical Director — Emma Nokes

​Head of WardrobeJoanna Johnston

CutterJulie Davie

Head of CarpentryDarrell Cooksey

Assistant Scenic Carpenters — Emma Nokes, Shane Marsh

Properties MasterJane Kline

Properties Assistant — Tiffany Martineau, Dree Beaudry, Shane Marsh, Emma Nokes

Head of SoundGarret DeRede

Lighting Supervisors — Jeff Osterlin, Laura Koyata

Sound Supervisor — Matt Skopyk


Studio Theatre Artistic Coordinator David Kennedy

Interim Drama Department Chair Natalie Loveless

Stage Management Advisors John Raymond

Directing AdvisorDavid Kennedy

Design AdvisorRobert Shannon

Paint Advisor Cindi Zuby


Lighting Operator — Faith Conner

Sound Operator  Garret DeRede

Lighting Crew Bradley Lanceleve, Vale de la Torre, Liam Weeks, Robbie Hemsworth, Harjot Bassi, Jessica Haight, Elaine Qin

Paint Crew Brock Keeler, Kristen Fernandes, Payal Jotania, Isabelle Martinez, Lieke den Bakker, Skylar Veldhuis, Amy Dass


Zuma and David Ley


Production and Operations Manager Joshua C. McIntosh

Box Office CoordinatorCandice Stollery

Executive/Administrative AssistantHelen Baggaley

Production and Operations Assistant — Emily Pole

Operations Assistant — Andraya Diogo

Fine Arts Information and Outreach Coordinator — Trish Agrell-Smith



Amy Bazin

Cast, Daisy

Alexandra Dawkins*

Cast, Characters: Grocer Woman, Fireman

Yassine El Fassi El Fihri

Cast, Dudard/Old Gent

Madison Hucal

Creative Team, Assistant Stage Manager

Alison Matthews

Creative Team, Voice Coach

Emma Nokes

Crew, Assistant Technical Director

Mackenzie Sutton

Cast, Waitress and Papillion

Ankita Yadav

Creative Team, Set and Costume Designer

Rogan Coffey

Cast, The Logician, Botard

Lieke den Bakker

Creative Team, Assistant Lighting Designer

Curtis Gauthier

Creative Team, Stage Manager

Larissah Lashley

Cast, Housewife, Madame Boeuf

Kian Moradi

Creative Team, Dramaturg

Jake Planinc

Creative Team, Director

Jack Thompson

Creative Team, Sound Designer

Brett Dahl*

Cast, Boss of Cafe

Andraya Diogo

Creative Team, Assistant Stage Manager

Lyudmyla Honcharova

Creative Team, Dramaturg

Patrick Lynn

Cast, Jean

Stacey Murchison

Creative Team, Movement Coach

Robert Shannon

Lighting Designer

David Woroner

Cast, Grocer Man and Monsieur Jean

Dig Deeper

*The participation of this Artist is arranged by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance-Opera-Theatre Policy


"A dramaturg is a member of the artistic team of a theatre production who is a specialist in the transformation of a dramatic script into a meaningful living performance."

(5) Michael Mark Chemers, Ghost Light: An Introductory Handbook for Dramaturgy, Southern Illinois University Press, 2010.




Content compiled by T. Erin Gruber and Kirsten Fernandes

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