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Kristen Fernandes


Kristen is a set and lighting designer with a background in graphic design. She is passionate about highly conceptual and unconventional methods of design. Kristen was born in India and has lived in several cities around the world throughout her life. Her work and interests are influenced by the places she’s lived. She received her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. Her interest in pursuing theatre design came from her love for exhibition and museum design.

Kristen is currently in her qualifying year of the MFA Theatre Design program and begins her first year in the fall. Since her start at the university she has assisted in scenic painting for The Flick, Bakkhai, Agamemnon and model production for She Kills Monsters as well as set and lighting design for Cock by Mike Bartlett. She looks forward to learning more about the world of theatre design.

Kristen Fernandes

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Recent Credits

The Bakkhai (BLT, Lead Paint), Agamemnon (BLT, Lead Paint), Cock (BLT, set and lighting)

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