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A Play With Music: The Band

A Dig Deeper Article by the Production Dramaturgy team for Indecent

"Every piece I write starts with music,"

revealed playwright Paula Vogel in an interview with Vineyard Theatre. Indecent is enriched by traditional Yiddish folk songs and arrangements carefully crafted by co-composers and arrangers Aaron Halva and Lisa Gutkin. The score weaves in popular songs from different eras, contributing to the play's musical tapestry, propelling us through time and space.

The search for musicians was a vital step in capturing the soul of the production. Director Ben Smith, in a collaborative effort across departments, secured funding from the University of Alberta's Killam Distinguished Visitors Fund. This support provided the opportunity to bring in internationally renowned duo Bridge & Wolak, featuring Kornel Wolak and Michael Bridge, to perform alongside Faculty Violinist, Guillaume Tardif, adding a distinctive and resonant layer to the play. In a nod to early theater traditions where musicians were integral members of acting troupes, INDECENT upholds this connection by showcasing live music supported by the actors.

For more information about visiting artists, Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak (“Bridge&Wolak”) visit their webpage below!

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