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Sam Villetard

Creative Team, Production Dramaturg

Alex Ward - Alex Ward_edited.jpg

Sam Villetard (he/him) is an emerging artist here at the University, and is thrilled to be involved with Everybody this Studio season! Getting to be a part of the production process for this show alongside so many talented artists has been an absolute joy. He couldn't be more excited for you to see the show and all of the hard work put in to make it a success. Some of his select credits include: Train One to Coal Valley (Richard, New Works Festival 2023/Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival 2023), The Play Where Nobody Shoots the Gun (Ryan, New Works Festival 2022), and Way to Go Neil: A New Musical (Writer/Co-Director/Producer/Matt, Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival 2022). He’s also won the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest and has performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He’s currently in his fourth year of the Bachelor of Arts Honors program at the University of Alberta, where he is majoring in Drama. He is also the Artistic Director for The New Works Festival's 2024 season. He wants to thank Liz Hobbs for the opportunity to work on this show, her wisdom, guidance, and artistry has been nothing short of incredible.

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